Art for All Seasons

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Welcome to Art for All Seasons!
The 4 seasons of the year will always hand you an art theme.
Make holiday noisemakers, seashell art, pressed flowers or ice sculptures.
With a laminated cover and tough spiral binding, this book is built to last.

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This book is filled with fun ideas for art activities and was created for parents or teachers to use with their children. It will become a valuable resource in planning your activities for all of the seasons and some of the celebrations that occur during the year. This book includes many types of projects, with varying degrees of difficulty, so that they can be completed by children from a wide range of ages. Adults will want to take special care with projects that involve using heat or sharp objects.

To adapt instructions for the classroom, teachers need only multiply the amount of materials by the number of students participating to have a new resource for art activities that can be integrated into thematic units for seasons or specific festivals.

The activities in this book make use of materials that are easily obtained. Most of the items you probably already have in your home or classroom. Any items that you need to buy can be found in supermarkets, chemists, craft shops and/or teacher supply shops. Recycling can provide many of the items. For example, consider cleaning and saving a variety of empty food containers for future projects. In addition, some projects require materials that are found in nature. It is important to stress to children that they should collect natural things without harming the environment.

If you do not already have an area set aside for storing art supplies, it is a good idea to buy one or more large plastic bins with lids. These bins can be used for a variety of supplies, such as coloured paper, child-sized scissors, hole punches, glue, small empty boxes, large and small cardboard tubes, and anything else your children might need as they work on their artistic creations. Use resealable plastic bags for storing small items like pompoms, stickers, wool scraps, pre-cut shapes, pipe cleaners, coloured sand etc. Organisation makes preparation for each project ea5y, and it saves time.

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