Christmas Art and Crafts


Christmas Art & Crafts provides a wealth of enriching, hands-on experiences for children searching for a Christmas-themed project. The easy-to-follow directions, readily-obtainable recycled materials and additional suggestions for each project will provide many happy hours of creative activity. Christmas Art & Crafts is a complete resource hook for parents, teachers and anyone who works with children.

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The book contains:
*  An introduction with information on how to get started, and what to expect from the activities and from your child.
*  A complete guide to preparing and using handy ‘Kid kits’ for the activities.
*  Creative ways to display your child’s art around the home or classroom.
*  Safety guidelines to protect your child.
*  A complete list of materials needed for each
* A section featuring multicultural Christmas
* Christmas projects which involve drawing, cutting, pasting, painting and more!

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