Dice Activities Ages 5-8


  • Dice activities (Ages 5-8) was created by teachers in their classrooms over a period of ten years.
  • The activities have been tested over time and have proven to engage students, develop their mathematical thinking and empower them to believe in their ability to do mathematics.
  • Designed for use with students from kindergarten to Year 3, the activities build number sense and generate a conceptual base for number facts.

Dice activities (Ages 5-8) – Building number sense and power provides opportunities to:

  • reinforce number patterns
  • construct efficient counting strategies
  • construct and interpret graphs
  • manipulate numbers mentally
  • understand how numbers work
  • develop fluency with addition and subtraction facts
  • introduce place value
  • verbalise mathematics understanding
  • expose students to mathematics vocabulary
  • develop game strategy.

Ideal for Ages 5-8

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