ESL – Reading and Spelling

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Student-centred active learning is the focal point of the activities found in ESL

Vocabulary and Word Usage Games, Puzzles and Inventive Exercises, The content-based nature of the exercises ensures that students are learning more than English.

This book will be a valuable tool for all teachers who work with students learning English as a second language (ESL), as well as for teachers working in regular classroom settings.

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Each unit is content-based to develop language concepts and strategies connected to a specific vocabulary or word usage skill. The exercises in this book offer opportunity for learning, practising and mastery of a variety of essential language-based skills. Each exercise includes a list of materials, preparation directions and player directions. Many exercises have accompanying reproducible activity sheets for immediate classroom skill and/or concept reinforcement. A matrix of essential skills, a skills checklist, suggested resources and an answer key are also provided. These tools are designed to help teachers plan their lessons and track the achievement of their students. Each activity is for use by ESL students at widely varying levels and ages.
Students need to use learnt material, and practice plays an essential role in the mastery and retention of any skill or concept. In addition to individual worksheets, many exercises provide activities that promote cooperative learning and peer tutoring. Cooperative learning activities are essential in an ESL classroom as they enable students to work collaboratively to verbalise, refine and process newly acquired knowledge and skills. The themes of high-interest on which these activities are based will further encourage student interaction and communication.

The exercises encourage four major conditions of teaching: first, to foster a learning environment of high expectations; second, to create opportunities to integrate language development with content-based instruction; third, to provide support for teachers in the classroom; and finally, to demonstrate assessment options that empower teachers to plan effective lessons for their students.

The games, puzzles and exercises within ESL Vocabulary and Word Usage Games, Puzzles and Inventive Exercises will help teachers make the most effective use of their time in helping their ESL students learn essential vocabulary and word usage skills, improve their use of the English language and acquire important problem-solving skills.

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