Homework Masters – Year 6 – Clearance


The purpose of this title is to provide a series of flexible homework assignments or contracts, that can be easily integrated with a teacher’s existing homework practices: whether as self contained units of work, or combined with pages from other sources.

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28 weekly cross curricula pages allow for other periodic activities which give added variety to homework such as projects, finishing off class work themes, research, art and craft activities. These pages include:
* daily number facts revision.
* weekly review of – maths, language, society and environment, brainteaser.
* monthly thematic cycles provide – regular revision and repetition of topics.

Uniform layouts for easy confident navigation by students, – many activities require students to draw pictures, thus developing other intelligence modes such as creativity and supportive learning pathways.

4 weekly spelling proforma pages allow for a weekly or daily list of words to be reviewed daily. Pages with non-column lined sections might used for sentences, stories, meanings, and etymological information.

List words might include pretest errors, new words, revision words, troublesome words, thematic words, essential sight words, some of each category. They might be added to a master copy by Teachers or copied by students onto the sheet at the beginning of the week during spelling session. Teachers may add whichever Look Write Check technique they employ in the class at the top of the word list column as a reminder for the students.

Number facts/tables shape: Teachers can either set process and number on a class level or individually for students needing extra revision of specific numbers and processes.

Checklists to help students check that they have done all the work required before handing up at the end of the week and also as a visual reminder each night (a small square of each larger square for each night) of activities that they might need to do.

When and how to mark?
-At end of week, or on a daily basis either within morning skills sessions or related lessons. Will you mark, or have students do so in class before handing in?

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