How to Write Wonderful Stories – Jurnior Primary

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Some children love to write stories while for
others it’s a laborious task. This book will make
it easier, and more enjoyable, for all students to
create stories of which they may be justly proud.
With more than twenty age-appropriate topics
to choose from, with two lessons devoted to
each topic, students are taught the skills of
good story writing.
They learn about paragraphing (introduction,
body, conclusion); the various parts of speech
(verbs, adverbs, adjectives, etc); using direct
speech; conjunctions (and, but, because, etc);
how to enrich stories with interesting sentence
beginnings; surprise endings; and many other
techniques that will enhance their stories and give
them a new-found confidence in this important
area of the writing curriculum.
Some of what your students will learn in
the How to Write Wonderful Stories series
(modified for the different levels….Junior/Middle/Senior)
* Fundamentals of Sentence Structure and Punctuation
* Setting your story out in Paragraphs (introduction,
body, conclusion)
* Creating the Mood
* ‘Painting’ Characters
* ‘Painting’ Settings
* Using ‘better’ Verbs (eg ‘limped’ rather than ‘walked’)
* Using descriptors (Adjectives and adjectival phrases)
for enrichment
* Using Adverbs to tell how, when, where
* Using Direct Speech
* Interesting Sentence Beginnings
* Surprise Endings
Ideal for school libraries, classroom teachers and
relief teachers.

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