Learning to Think, Thinking to Learn


This book is a practical guide for teachers at all levels of schooling as they plan and implement learning activities with a thinking focus. It describes processes that can be used to infuse thinking into everyday learning through the application and explicit teaching of various models and strategies. These strategies will see students engaging in a wide range of thinking tasks regardless of whether they are working within defined subject areas or on units that cut across traditional curriculum boundaries.

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In a previous publication, I described awhole-school approach to the explicit teaching of thinking skills in the primary years. It was suggested there that a direct approach to teaching thinking was central to developing a thinking culture within a school.

The first chapter of this book builds on that publication and talks about what is meant by a `culture of thinking’. More specifically, it describes what teachers can do to foster a classroom culture of thinking, and outlines how such a culture might affect student learning processes.

Subsequent chapters give specific examples of models and strategies most applicable at different levels of schooling. Both subject-specific andcross-curriculum examples are given for the primary, middle and upper levels.

Much of the book is devoted to practical examples of infused thinking.

The new revised Bloom’s Taxonomy is introduced, Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences as a planning tool is explored and the application of strategies such as Tony Ryan’s Thinker’s Keys are included. A range of other, lesser known models and strategies that encourage analytical, critical, creative and caring thinking are also described.

This equips teachers with a diverse range of tools that will assist in bringing about a culture of thinking in their classrooms and across their schools.

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