Mind Twisters – Book Five


These brainteasers will get your students thinking again.

This book is a compilation of fun, creative, unique and challenging experiences for your students.

It provides ways to exercise and develop brainpower.

The sections include:

brain stretchers (decipher the licence plate, sounds like an oxymoron, what?s in the other boxes?, compounding the situation, word chains, clowning around),
mathematical workouts (tour de maths, geometrical challenge, brain busters, mind-numbing sentences, what?s in the cube, number chains, in the money, add or multiply, and what?s the missing number),
problem-solving puzzlers (logic puzzles, running with a riddle, the ultimate puzzle, find the pattern, brain workouts, boggle the mind, dot to dot, seeing double and hidden meanings),
critical-thinking connections (famous firsts, tricky trivia, who?s who in history, are we compatible?, and create-a-sentence).

Ideal for Year 5

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The pages may be reproduced for individual or group use. You may choose to make them into overheads, use them at learning centres, or use them to reinforce skills that need additional practice.

This art-filled book is divided into 11 sections titled Numbers, Sequence, Patterns, Riddles, Words, Mazes, Logical and Critical Thinking Skills, Test Your Memory, Hidden Pictures, Strange but Amazing Stories and Take Your Pick. Having separate sections allows you to pick and choose activities and/or enrichments best suited to the needs of your students.

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