New Wave Spelling D


New Wave Spelling – A phonics based approach is a seven spelling workbook series providing students with a solid framework for becoming independent spellers.
A focus at the beginning of each unit encourages students to identify key features, patterns, rules, similarities and differences of the list words as well as phonemes (sounds) within words and the different ways they are represented (graphemes).

Features of this book include:
Comprehensive whole year program of 20 units of work
Spelling lists of words with common phonemes represented in different ways
Revision list in each unit
Words selected from proven Australian contemporary lists
Variety of activities based on the word list provide students with opportunities to use different strategies to consolidate their understanding of the particular focus
Spelling rules appropriate for each level are explained
Vowel and consonant phonics reference charts

Also available: Supporting Teacher Resource Book for each grade containing detailed program outlines, suggestions for use and support material.
Ideal for Ages 8-9

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