Book A Society and Environment Teachers Guide Western Australia

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Each Unit begins with an introductory page providing teachers with:
an overview of what students will be learning in the unit;
the topics which have been selected to develop understanding in the unit; and
the outcomes and indicators being treated through the study of the unit.

The Unit is then broken down topic by topic, with each topic providing the teacher with:
the corresponding workbook pages;
the focus of the topic;
the keywords being introduced within the topic;
resource requirements for successful completion of the topic, including relevant Internet sites;
background information;
introductory discussion questions about the topic;
activity guidelines;
clear and concise answers for each activity;
suggested additional activities; and
suggested topics for discussion and debate.

Each Unit then concludes with an assessment tool:
designed to indicate student understanding
giving students the opportunity for feedback
providing answers, outcomes and indicators
Ideal for Ages 5-6

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