Book Covers to Create


  • Tired of brown paper bags for textbook covers?
  • Or exercise books that all look alike?
  • Do you need to rejuvenate a grubby cover?

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Book Covers To Create can easily turn awful into art. Different subjects stand out for instant indentification. Clean, colourful and smart looking books encourage children to take pride in their work.

And best of all-creating covers is fun! Use pencils, crayons, textas, glitter pens or even paste on collage materials. There are 29 different covers; 6 of the designs are generic so they can be used for projects, folders, notebooks or excursions.

Louisa Eddleston is an experienced teacher and an energetic and gifted artist. She is the author of More Than Busy Work, Arty Animal Outlines, Awards For Everyone, Borders, Borders, All Acrostics and Masks Make A Face.

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