MATHS facts, fun, tricks and trivia

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What is a googolplex?
How can you multiply numbers by 25 in your head?
What was the simple mathematical slip-up that caused a $200 000 000 space probe to burn up in the atmosphere of Mars?
Find the answers to all these fun questions and some you wouldn’t even think of, inside this amazing book.
This entertaining reference book, written by well-known author and mathematician, Paul Swan, exposes students to a wide variety of fun maths facts, incredible trivia, ‘mathemagic’ tricks and much more.
Students will love baffling their peers, teachers and parents with astounding number tricks and be amazed by the mathematical origins of everyday life.

‘mathemagical’ tricks for multiplying large numbers, ‘reading minds’ and much more…
marvellous maths jokes and riddles
facts and trivia
optical illusions, impossible figures and entertaining art
reference book great for the classroom or home, written in child-friendly language.
Ideal for Middle and Upper Primary

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