Starting Sounds One + Two – Book on CD


This CD is a compilation disk that contains a pdf of each of the following 2 titles:

Starting Sounds Book 1
Starting Sounds Book 2

All beginning single sounds from A to Z are covered.

Students are asked to cut and paste the correct beginning sound onto a craft template.

Includes letter recognition, tracing of letters, copying words into letter grids and ca comprehensive flash card system.

The CD is PC and Mac compatible.

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The basic single sounds (a to z) are treated in this book, with 3 pages for each sound.

The book is based on students cutting and pasting correct sounds onto a template.

All of these worksheet pages have additional activities for fast finishers.

In addition there are craft templates for each of the 26 sounds treated as well as three suggested craft activities for each.

This popular book contains one of the most comprehensive treatments of single sounds available.

Starting Sounds Two

A follow-up volume to Starting Sounds Two, this book contains another 80 pages of single sound (a to z) activities that we couldn’t fit into the first book.

It contains letter recognition, tracing of letters, copying simple words into letter grids and a comprehensive flashcard system can be put together with little effort by the teacher, that contains exhaustive lists of words that are suitable for the particular starting sound.

With Starting Sounds Book One it presents an unparalleled teaching resource for single sounds.

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