Decodable Readers

Browse our collection of fun and unique decodable readers made by Australian teachers. At Burrabooks, we understand the pivotal role that reading plays in a child’s development. That’s why we’re passionate about igniting a love for reading in every child’s heart, and it all starts with decodables they can truly enjoy and learn from.

From exciting adventures to educational stories, we have Australian decodables that spark every child’s imagination and interest. The engaging content of our letter-sound books keeps young readers interested, while the controlled progression introduces new challenges at an appropriate pace. In addition, our books for learning how to read foster vocabulary growth and reading comprehension, with additional activities that further enrich the reading experience.

Start your child’s reading adventure with selections appropriate for their reading level and watch their literacy skills flourish.


The Burrabooks Difference

At Burrabooks, our decodables are designed with Australian learners in mind, providing a fun and exciting approach to phonics. Each book in our series strategically focuses on connecting sounds and letters, enabling children to decode words easily and confidently. Here’s why parents and children alike love our Australian decodable readers:

Grounded in Phonics

Every Burrabooks decodable is built upon the principle that children should practice phonics in a fun and effective way. We blend sounds and letters to craft narratives where words adhere to phonetic rules, allowing learners to approach each new term with confidence.

Strategically Structured for Success

We delight in watching children transform from curious listeners to active readers. Our decodable readers are designed to progress in complexity, matching the growing proficiency of our little readers.

Adventure in Every Page

Why should learning be dull? At Burrabooks, every turn of the page reveals a new adventure—one that’s designed to support fluency and comprehension but also to entertain and inspire.

Developed With Expertise

Educators and reading specialists have poured their knowledge into the creation of our decodable readers. This dedication guarantees that each book is not only enjoyable but also aligned with the phonics sequence recommended for Australian schools and students.